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Register for Water ServiceTransfer water service, add or remove tenants, or request to start new service using our Application for Water/Sewer Service Form.

Request a Final Water BillThe best and easiest method for receiving a final water bill—for residents/tenants and for property managers—is our Final Water Bill Request Form.

Recurring Payment Plan: Set up a recurring payment that is automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account each billing cycle.

Mailing Address Change: Need to change your mailing address for property taxes or water bills? Use our new online form to have your bills mailed to a different address.

New IVR phone payment system: The City now has an Interactive Voice Recorder (IVR) system. You can now make payments by calling (866) 873-9157. Payments can be made 24/7, independent of City Hall hours. You will need to have your account number (located on your water bill) handy when calling. 

Water Safety & Reports

Visit our Water Safety & Reports page for information about water testing, quality, and reporting.


How are costs for sewer service and water service assigned on my water bill?

In previous years, charges for water and sewer consumption on your bill were allocated identically: (50% water / 50% sewer). However, the actual cost of providing water is significantly less than the cost of treating water.

As a result, the City has adjusted how water rates are allocated on a water bill to more accurately calculate the cost of providing the different services.  Beginning July 1, 2015, charges for water and sewer consumption on your bill are allocated at 64% sewer and 36% water.  

For example, if your total water bill was $200, your water & sewer costs would be allocated as such:

Sewer Fees:       $128.00 (64% of total water bill costs)

Water Fees:       $72.00 (36 % of total water bill costs)

Total:                 $200.00 (100% of total water bill costs)

How can I contact the Water Department?

Contact our Water Department in person, by email or by phone at:

City of Ferndale Water Billing
300 E. 9 Mile Rd.  
Ferndale, MI 48220


Phone: 248-546-2374

Hours of Operation: 
8:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

How often does the City bill for water service?

Residents and businesses are billed quarterly. If the first digit of your account number is:

1 - Your bill will be due in February, May, August, and November
2 - Your bill will be due in March, June, September, and December
3 - Your bill will be due in January, April, July, and October

Industrial properties are billed monthly.

If I am a landlord, can my tenants register to receive water bills directly to his/her name(s)?

Yes.  As the landlord, you must call 248-546-2374 and give permission for the tenant to sign for the water service.  Tenants may register for water service online by completing an online registration form.

If I move from the property, must I request a final water bill?

Yes. If you are moving from your current property address, the best and fastest way to request your final bill is by using our online seamless form

You can also receive a final bill by calling the Water Department at 248-546-2374 or stopping into the office, 300 E. Nine Mile Road, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday. 

What is the "Readiness to Serve" fee?

"Readiness to Serve" is the the fixed-rate cost applied to cover system maintenance, supporting customers and the portion of the Department of Public Works that is reserved for water. Every property where there is a water meter present and connected to the system is assessed a Readiness to Serve fee, whether its occupants are utilizing water or not.

What is the "Sewer Usage Fee?"

The Sewer Usage Fee is a cost associated with cleaning (via the County's wastewater treatment facility) water. The cost of cleaning water is higher than the cost of receiving/using water, so the City multiplies each customer's incoming water usage (it's not possible to meter outgoing dirty water) by roughly 1.54—a predetermined number provided by the wastewater treatment center. This gives us the amount to charge for used water that will be cleaned.

What part of the water system is the City's responsibility?

The City is responsible for the stop box at the street and the water meter inside the home or business.  The curb stop box refers to the enclosure which houses the actual valve that provides water service to residences and businesses on the adjacent street. 

What part of the water system is the Property owner's responsibility?

The property is responsible for maintenance on any pipe leading from the stop into the property as well as any piping inside the structure.

What should I do if my water pressure seems low?

If your water pressure seems low, contact the DPW Water Department at 248-546-2514 to see if work is being performed in your area.

You may also contact Water Department Billing at 248-546-2374 to see if your service has been impacted or discontinued due to non payment.   

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