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Change of Address Request Form

Online Change of Address Form

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2021 Hardship Exemption Application Packet

2021 Hardship Exemption Application Packet

2020 Hardship Exemption Guidelines

Property Transfer Affidavit

Property Transfer Affidavit Form

Click here for the State of Michigan Transfer of Ownership Guidelines

Personal Property Statement

2018 State of Michigan Personal Property Statement Form

State of Michigan Personal Property Guidelines

Click here for a comprehensive list of State Real and Personal Property Statements

Conditional Rescission of PRE

Conditional Rescission of PRE Form


A conditional rescission allows an owner to receive a PRE on his or her current property and on previously exempted property simultaneously if the previous principal residence (all must apply):

  • is not occupied
  • is for sale
  • is not leased
  • is not used for any business or commercial purpose.

Active Duty Principal Residence Exemption

Active Duty Principal Residence Exemption

On September 10, 2008, Governor Granholm signed Senate Bill 886, enacting Public Act 243 of 2008, which amended Section 211.7dd of the General Property Tax Act, Public Act 206 of 1893. The amendment allows an owner to retain a PRE while on active duty in the United States Armed Forces if all or any portion of the dwelling or unit is rented or leased, so long as the dwelling or unit otherwise would qualify as the owner's principal residence. The property that currently qualifies as a principal residence continues to qualify for three years after any portion of the dwelling or unit included in, or constituting the principal residence, is rented or leased to another person and is used as a residence.

The owner must submit a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) Active Duty Military Affidavit, Form 4660 to the assessor for the city or township in which the property is located on or before May 1 of the first year of the claim. For example, to qualify for a PRE in 2009, the form must be submitted on or before May 1, 2009.

Principal Residence Exemption (PRE)

Principal Residence Exemption Forms

A Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) exempts a residence from the tax levied by a local school district for school operating purposes up to 18 mills. Section 211.7cc and 211.7dd of the General Property Tax Act, Public Act 206 of 1893, as amended, addresses PRE claims. To qualify for a PRE, a person must be a Michigan resident who owns and occupies the property as a principal residence.

The PRE is a separate program from the Homestead Property Tax Credit, which is filed annually with your Michigan Individual Income Tax Return.

Request to Rescind PRE Form

Request to Rescind PRE Status

This form enables people who are selling their home or converting it to another use to rescind their exemption.


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