Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Are you considering adding a swimming pool? Before you "jump in" and move forward with your project, know the facts: construction and installation of a private swimming pool in the City of Ferndale requires a site plan and building, electrical, and plumbing permits. Visit our Permit Center to start your application.


Am I required to build a fence around my swimming pool?

All pools permanent or portable over 12 inches deep require a fence with a minimum height of 48 inches.  All gates must be self-locking and closing.

Do I need to install a privacy fence or screening fence if my pool has an elevated deck?

A six (6) foot screening fence, or an eight (8) foot screening fence in the event the pool has an elevated deck, must be installed on the fence lines, unless a written waiver is obtained from adjoining property owners, and is renewed should ownership of adjoining property change.

If written waivers are obtained, a forty-eight (48) inch fence will be sufficient.  The pool service area may extend to the property line.  No swimming pool shall be located less than six (6) feet from any side to rear property line or ten (10) feet from any street property line.

Does Ferndale have a pool ordinance?

Yes, visit our online Code of Ordinances and search Ord. No. "594".  Click on Article IX.-Swimming and Wading Pools.

How deep does the swimming pool need to be to require permitting and a site plan?

A Swimming Pool is defined as any contained body of water with a depth of 18 inches or more.  

A Wading Pool would be defined as a body of water between 12-18 inches in depth, and a Kiddie Pool would be less than 12 inches in depth.

How far away do overhead wires need to be from the pool?

All overhead wires must be 10 feet horizontally away from the pool edge, platforms, diving structure and observation stands.

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