Sustainability Initiatives

Over the last several years, the City of Ferndale has integrated several practices and policies to respond to the growing concern of our climate crisis. Responding to the climate crisis requires a variety of approaches which include ways to reduce or prevent greenhouse gas emissions (mitigation) and ways to prepare and respond to hazardous events caused by climate change (resiliency). 

Climate Action Plan

Ferndale’s first iteration of an Integrated Climate Action Plan (CAP) explores the inner workings of climate resiliency through our community, including extreme weather events, a global health crisis, how to curb carbon emissions, and how to lead in sustainability. The Climate Action Plan can be found in Chapter 6, starting on page 121, of Plan Ferndale.


In July of 2020, the City passed a resolution declaring a climate crisis. The resolution highlights the threats climate change is causing to the vitality of Ferndale's community. This is an early initiative of the Climate Action Plan, which will further address the policies, procedures, and projects to actively address climate change. In order to make a substantial change, the City conducted a Green House Gas Inventory Report to establish baseline measures, which allows the City to make targeted reduction goals and track metric processes.


The City of Ferndale initiated a planning process to assess current needs and construct a plan for waste and recycling in the downtown and central business district. This plan serves as a roadmap for the City and its stakeholders for the next twenty years (2020-2040) and will include recommendations and implementations to address community needs and desires while maintaining financial efficiency. 


The City conducted a Stormwater Vulnerability Assessment as an additional component of creating a more equitable and resilient community. This report provides more information regarding the effects of weather changes and climate impacts on the City of Ferndale, as well as how these changes affect the City's stormwater systems. These stormwater changes can alert the community which areas are the most vulnerable, and in tune, with what the community can do to better prepare the stormwater system. 


In 2021, Ferndale became one of the first ICLEI (Local Governments for Sustainability) cities recognized in the COP26 Climate Champions’ “Race to Zero” initiative, a global campaign to build momentum for a zero-carbon economy. Ferndale received the distinction thanks to the efforts of Mayor Melanie Piana, who has long worked to progress a carbon-neutral vision for Ferndale and beyond. She was selected among the first 25 of 150 US leaders who will represent the Race to Zero campaign at a regional, national, and global level—an ambitious step that is expected to bring new green jobs, energy savings, and a healthier future for all residents.