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2022 Plan Ferndale

Plan Ferndale is a guidebook for Ferndale’s decision-makers based on the community’s unified vision of the future of our City. Plan Ferndale provides actionable steps and helps officials decide how to direct City funding, what initiatives to take on, and tangible goals and milestones for he next five years. This update has three main components, including the Master Land Use Plan (MLUP), the Climate Action Plan, and the Parks and Recreation Master Plan. Please visit the Plan Ferndale project page to learn about the overall process.

The adopted 2022 plan is available for download and a physical copy is available for review at City Hall, located at 300 E Nine Mile Road, Ferndale MI 48220. For more details, please contact the Community and Economic Development Department at

Climate Action Plan

This plan is Ferndale’s first iteration of an Integrated Climate Action Plan (CAP). This plan works to explore the inner workings of climate resiliency through our community, including extreme weather events, a global health crisis, how to curb carbon emissions, and how to lead in sustainability. The Climate Action Plan can be found in Chapter 6, starting on page 121, of Plan Ferndale.

Parks and Recreation Plan

The Parks and Recreation Plan works to understand the community’s needs to improve accessibility, equity, and programming. The implementation of this plan will ensure spatial equity.

Public Participation Plan

The Public Participation Plan outlines strategies to engage a diverse set of community stakeholders. This plan not only identifies goals for City staff and various Boards and Commissions to strive for, but also outlines different ways members of the public can get involved and share their input.

Downtown Development Authority Possibilities Plan

This plan helps Downtown Ferndale imagine its full potential!

2022 Community Accessible and Inclusive Housing Action Plan (CAIHAP)

This plan analyzed the current housing market and provided actions for the City to facilitate a broader range of affordable and inclusive housing options for all Ferndale residents.

Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report

The City of Ferndale established baseline greenhouse gas emission measures, which allows the City to make targeted reduction goals and track metric processes.

City Council Strategic Plan

This plan outlines City Council’s values and policies they hope to enact within the next three years.

2020 Waste Reduction and Recycling Master Plan for Ferndale Downtown

This plan assesses current needs and constructs a plan for waste and recycling in the downtown and central business district.

2020 Stormwater Vulnerability Assessment

This plan assesses current needs and constructs a plan for waste and recycling in the downtown and central business district.

FYE 2024-2029 Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a financial planning document focused on the City's capital assets. Included projects support core city services through the maintenance of public facilities and the purchase or replacement of capital equipment.

Potential projects are distributed over a six-year period to better prioritize funding based on changes in the environment, fiscal health, capital needs, and public input. The final CIP document is a tool to ensure the City’s long- and short-term capital investments are made with careful consideration of adopted city plans, needs, and the resources available to fund projects.

Ferndale Moves

Ferndale Moves is a one-stop-shop for all walking, biking, and transportation-related projects in the City of Ferndale. Residents and visitors can now stay up to date with the latest news, updates and even provide comments on all current and future transportation and transit projects. The site is interactive and is designed to be a platform for civic engagement. The public process must be balanced, open, and collaborative in order to create plans that define the community’s needs and elicit its support.


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