Cobalt Community Survey

Cobalt Community Research is a Michigan-based 501c3 nonprofit organization serving a multitude of local governments, schools, and other organizations. Their mission is to provide research and education through their high-quality metrics, surveys, and other analyses.


The City sought out community surveying services from Cobalt in November 2019 to gain a robust pulse on the community since its growth from the last survey administered by Cobalt in 2009. 1,500 residents were selected randomly to be surveyed by mail. The surveys began dispersal in the City in January 2020 and ended in early March. 597 residents responded to the survey with the vast majority responding by mail and some residents using electronic methods to complete the survey questions.

The results and data collected from the community survey will be used to drive the City's future Master Land Use Plans, Parks and Recreation Master Plans, City Council's annual strategic planning sessions, budgeting, and other essential planning and decision making.

Presentation to City Council 2023

City of Ferndale Engagement and Priority Assessment