Current Budget

City Council approved the Ferndale Triennial 2022-24 Budget at their regular meeting held on April 26, 2021. The information below provides a closer look at the process, including timeline, supporting documents, tax levies, and water and sewer rates.

Budget Book

Approved final Ferndale Triennial 2022-24 Budget Book

Meetings & Community Engagement

Community budget comments/questions

Responses to community budget comments/questions

March 27, 2021 City Council Strategic Budget Workshop Presentation PDF

March 27, 2021 City Council Strategic Budget Workshop Recording

April 12, 2021 City Council Budget Presentation

Accompanying Financial Documents

Tax Rate Resolution

Program-Based Budget

The City of Ferndale is determined to create long-term stability by evaluating how resources are used, and how those uses align with the priorities of our community. In 2020, Ferndale implemented priority-based budgeting (PBB), an approach that views community needs and goals against the programs currently being offered, and how impactful those programs are in achieving the desired outcomes.

Unlike the traditional incremental approach in which the current year's budget becomes the basis for the next year's spending plan, PBB allows communities to understand their core values and then budget accordingly. The underlying principles of the PBB framework is to question past patterns of spending and prioritize resources to achieve the community's long-term strategic goals. PBB also lets us know the true cost of providing services and enhances transparency and accountability within the budgeting process.

View the City's PBB Dashboard.

Approved Budgets

City Council adopted a triennial budget for the first time during the 2018 budget process. Copies of the current and historical adopted budgets are listed below.

2021-2023 FYE Triennial Budget
2020-2022 FYE Triennial Budget

2019-2021 FYE Triennial Budget

2017-2018 FYE Biennial Budget

2016-2017 FYE Biennial Budget

2015-2016 FYE Biennial Budget
2014-2015 FYE Biennial Budget
2013-2014 FYE Biennial Budget
2012-2013 FYE Biennial Budget

City Fee Schedules


Budget Process

Fiscal Year: July 1 to June 30  

Upon passage, departmental budgets are posted in the City’s accounting records and used as a basis for operations.  Expenditures are monitored by Department heads and the Accounting staff to ensure operations are within the allocated amounts and in compliance with budget priorities approved by Council.

Budget Calendar:

June 30 to November 

The Finance Department closes the books, the independent certified public accountants approved by City Council perform an annual audit, and the Finance staff prepares and issues completed Financial Statements.

Click here to review recent financial statements.

November- January

The City Manager's Office facilitates Council's annual goal-setting sessions. During these sessions, Council and lead staff work together to set priorities for the pending biennial budget period.  The final goals document approved by City Council helps to guide the shape of the operating budget and to provide benchmarks to help determine staff's success.

January - February

Each department prepares budget options and revenue estimates for review by the Finance Department and the City Manager's Office.


The Finance staff and City Manager's Office continue to review and revise Operation and Capital Budget requests by individual departments.  The 5 year Capital Improvement Plan is presented to the Planning Commission for approval.  Once approved, the CIP will be presented to City Council for their approval.

March - April

The Total Operations Budget Requests for the City are presented to Council by the City Manager in a series of public meetings. The budget is approved on two readings and may be amended or substituted on the second reading. At this time, Agency budgets are also submitted to the City Council for review. 


The Council passes the budget ordinances and the Mayor signs the budget ordinances into law. If the Council fails to pass a balanced budget by June 30, the City operates on an interim budget until the budget receives final approval by the Council. 

Budget summaries are printed and available online, at City Hall or the Ferndale Public Library no later than two weeks after its submission to City Council.


The City Manager's Office prepares Performance Measurement standards to help measure staff's progress in achieving approved Council Goals.


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