R-POP (Residential Permit Only Parking)

R-POP: Nope, it’s not the latest Faygo flavor—it’s Ferndale’s new Residential Permit-only Parking policy, and it’s here to improve parking for residents on the City’s most traffic-dense neighborhood streets.

What is it?

Ferndale’s Residential Permit-Only Parking (R-POP and R-POP2) policy refers to street parking on the following downtown-adjacent streets:


  • Vester (between Bermuda and Leland)
  • E. Breckenridge (between Bermuda and Leland)
  • West Saratoga (between Woodward and Allen)
  • W. Troy (between Farmdale and Allen)

The new R-POP policy limits parking within the zone to residents only. To qualify for parking, residents must apply for a digital permit.


The RPOP and RPZ policies limit parking within the zones to residents only. To assure their parking, residents must apply for a digital parking permit. Our new digital parking permits allow residents to park on their streets without worrying about receiving a ticket or having to remember a physical sticker or hangtag being visible to parking enforcement. The goal for the digital parking permits is to create a more convenient process for the residents of the City of Ferndale, as well as create a streamlined process for the ParkFerndale staff.


Register for your R-POP parking pass.


You’ll need:


  • A valid driver’s license (don’t have a copy to upload? Just snap a photo with your phone.)
  • A valid vehicle registration with the address that matches the RPOP/RPZ zone address.
  • A bill or statement with your RPOP/RPZ address as proof of residence in the zone. If you do not have a bill or statement, you can provide an updated driver’s license with your RPOP/RPZ address.
  • No outstanding fees for water bill payments, taxes, or parking tickets.

If any of these requirements are not met, the application will not be approved.

Permits Allowed Per Resident

All RPOP/RPZ residents are eligible to receive one permit per residence, which can accommodate up to two vehicles. In addition to the permit, each permit holder will receive two guest permits.


Guest Permits

Starting in September 2021, ParkFerndale rolled out new digital guest permits as a part of a plan to create a more accessible program for both Ferndale residents and ParkFerndale employees alike. With this addition, there are now two options that residents can choose from to receive and utilize guest permits. Residents may only choose one option to utilize guest permits.


With the new digital guest permits, residents are still allotted two permits per permit holder just as with the physical hangtags. However, this option allows residents to add and change guests on their permit accounts without the worry of losing or having to replace a lost hangtag. To utilize this option, follow these steps: 


  1. Log in to your ParkFerndale account through the “Get a Permit” tab 
  1. Go to the tab labeled “Permits” and scroll to the bottom 
  1. Click on “Guest Permit” 
  1. Enter the necessary vehicle and customer information 
  1. Click “Submit” 

To edit the information on the guest permit for a new guest, simply click “manage permit” and change the necessary information to accommodate the new guest. 


Prefer the physical guest permits? Don’t worry, they are still available! To receive physical guest permits, please contact the Parking Office, after your residential application has been approved, via email at In this email, please include your name, address, and license plate number so that the ParkFerndale employees are able to get your guest permits to you as quickly as possible.


Parking throughout the R-POP district will be enforced by Republic Parking between the hours of 4 p.m. through midnight, Monday through Saturday, except on national holidays and other non-enforcement occasions.