Pay a Ticket

The City issues a few different types of citations:

  1. Warning: $0 — A warning citation is given for a minor infraction, typically when a permit holder is parking in a transient space. There is no fine for this citation. However, if the vehicle is a repeat offender, fines will be given.
  2. Expired Meter: $20 — An expired meter citation is issued to a vehicle that is parked in a space that has either not been paid for or that has had the time run out without being renewed. The citation will remain at $20 if payment is received within 72 hours of ticket issuance. The citation will increase to $30 if the payment is received within 10 days of ticket issuance. After 10 days, a default judgment will be entered and additional fees may be assessed. 
  3. Prohibited Parking: $50 — Prohibited parking citations are issued when a vehicle is parked in a prohibited location or way that goes against City or State ordinances. Examples of prohibited parking citations include but are not limited to: backing into a space, parking too far from the curb, parking in the wrong direction on a street, and parking in a loading zone.
  4. Fire Lane: $50 — Fire lane citations are issued when a vehicle is parked in a marked fire lane and therefore can inhibit emergency vehicles.
  5. Handicap: $175 — Handicap citations are issued when a vehicle is parked in a handicapped space without a handicapped placard or license plate.

How To Pay a Ticket

If your ticket was issued within the last 10 days, pay your ticket online here.

If your ticket was issued more than 10 days ago, pay your ticket through the 43rd District Court via the online payment portal, or in person at the courthouse via cash, check, money order, debit, or credit card. Service fees will apply to credit or debit card transactions. Payments can also be submitted via the dropbox outside of the courthouse. Tickets cannot be paid over the phone.


43rd District Court
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