Facilities Task Force

The Resident-led Facilities Task Force was appointed by Mayor Melanie Piana in February 2022. The group of nine citizens was tasked with studying and making  recommendations for prioritizing investments in government facilities. They met between March and July of 2022, delivering a final report with their findings to City Council in October. 

The Mission and Work

The Task Force's primary mission was to make consensus recommendations for prioritizing government facility capital investments based on data listed in the 2021 Facilities Condition Assessment, empirical data from site tours, and feedback from staff and subject matter experts—all balanced against budget constraints and abilities.

Their process included eight meetings, more than 13 hours of facility tours, and extensive factfinding and discussion. The Task Force considered and evaluated facility issues that impact employee health and welfare, disparities between male/female facilities, forecasted budget needs for each facility, accessibility standards, and climate and sustainability impacts. The group then prepared and presented a report of their findings, including a long-term plan that prioritizes facility improvements for essential government services. 

The Task Force

  • Donnie Johnson, Chair
    Experience: Civil Service Commission, Ferndale Housing Commission, public administration, facilities management, government finance, economic development
  • Lynn Clark-Geiner, Vice Chair
    Experience: 2022 MLUP Steering Committee, 2022 Ferndale Arts & Cultural Commission, FCCB Board Member at Large, grant researcher, entrepreneur, event facilitator and producer, community fundraiser
  • Chris Best
    Experience: construction, entrepreneurship, custodial, maintenance, building
  • Rachele Downs
    Experience: real estate, finance, economic development
  • Thomas Newman
    Experience: Election Inspector Chair, LEED-certified facilities management, construction management
  • Carla Pareja
    Experience: architecture and engineering, construction management
  • David Strockis
    Experience: Youth Recreation Coach, architecture, engineering
  • Dale Vigliarolo
    Experience: Ferndale Area Chamber of Commerce, 2018 Kulick Center Task Force, foofing/building structural, public administration
  • Quinn Zeagler
    Experience: Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commission, 2022 MLUP Plan Steering Committee, LEED-certified energy waste reduction, sustainable building operations/management