"Native Detroiter" with a Flair for the Creative: Unique Expressions

Published on
August 19, 2020

Entrepreneur. Mother. A tireless advocate for business owners in Ferndale; there are many ways to describe Unique Expressions owner, Beverly Bantom, but a single adjective can’t quite encompass everything that this business owner has done in her years of work. Her story embodies what it means to be part of the business community in our city, and it’s a story that has no end in sight.

A self-described “first-generation” Detroiter, her parents relocated to the area from the South over fifty years ago. They instilled a strong work ethic in her, which was on full display when she bought her first home as a single mother in her early twenties with the money she made working after school in high school.

After a long working career, Beverly retired from UAW over fifteen years ago.

But a quiet retirement was never in the cards for the perpetually active Bantom.

“My husband asks, ‘Why don’t you just slow down and relax?’ but that’s just not who I am.”

She started her second career in Ferndale in 2007, with the birth of Unique Expressions.

The company offers a vast array of marketing and fulfillment services, including customizable logo gear, commercial printing, kit fulfillment, and much more. She credits superior customer service and a fierce commitment to fulfilling promises to her customers for her company’s success.

And success has come in abundance for Beverly and her team. She’s attracted and retains big-time clients like GM, Detroit’s casinos, and even the United States Navy. Despite the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on businesses around the country, Unique Expressions continues to grow, and is actively looking to hire additional employees to increase production capacity to meet demand in the months ahead.

With Beverly’s enthusiasm and tireless work ethic, it’s a safe assumption that she and her business could be successful just about anywhere. So, why Ferndale?

 “Ferndale does such a great job promoting businesses in the area. We’re so thankful for the work the city does to get the word out about what we have going on here,” she told us. “The city is easy to get around, parking is abundant, and it’s just a great place to come spend sometime.”


Bantom is also excited about her new location in Ferndale, after selling her former building to the Detroit Cookie Company and setting up shop at 611 W. 9 Mile Road.

“It’s a fantastic building for our boutique, newly renovated and spacious. We’re also across the street from the Blue Nile Restaurant and Ferndale Foods - it’s just the perfect place for us.”


Even as time flies by on her second career, she has no plans to cut back her workload.

“I just love meeting new people. Every day, I meet a new business owner and get to learn about what they do. It never gets old.”


Resilient, hard-working, and energetic, Beverly at Unique Expressions is an excellent example of the many small businesses in Ferndale. We’re thrilled to have Beverly as part of our thriving small business community now and for years to come.

Be sure to check out Beverly’s clothing brand, Native Detroiter. You can shop the selection in her boutique in Ferndale, or online. They are also on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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