What is 'Sustainability'?

Sustainability is commonly referred to as the "Triple Bottom Line" approach–considering the environmental, social, and financial components of a community, organization, or business. When using sustainability as a foundational planning tool, it ensures equity among the environment, society, and economy.

These three elements drive sustainability in the City's long-term planning and decision-making, ensuring that sustainability is thoughtfully programmed into each municipal function.

There is much that you can do as residents and business owners to embrace sustainability measures into your everyday practices, from recycling to planned natural landscaping, or water conservation to solar energy generation. 

Interested in learning more? Check out the resources below, or contact Environmental Sustainability Planner Erin Quetell at 248-336-4361 or

Ferndale Community Garden


Ferndale Environmental Sustainability Commission

A group of residents and council members passionate about the environment

Community Forestry Program

Help maintain a healthy and robust urban tree canopy throughout the City

Resources for Residents

Tips and resources for residents who want to improve their home sustainability practices

Planned Natural Landscaping

Integrate native plants into landscaping to reduce stormwater runoff and support pollinators

Waste Management

Reduce landfill waste, increase recycling rates, and utilize composting services

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