Mayor's Business Council

Mayor's Business Council

"The mission of the Mayor's Business Council is to identify economic strategies, shape local policy, and create shared opportunities and resources by providing a network of Ferndale-based business executives, representatives of major educational and research institutions, government officials, and City administrators that is committed to creating an environment in which businesses and jobs flourish."

  –Former Mayor Dave Coulter


The composition of our members varies from executive business leaders and high-tech entrepreneurs to executives from manufacturing and targeted industries, representatives from major universities, economic development professionals, elected officials, and City Administration.

The Council is committed to creating an environment for businesses and jobs to flourish in the City of Ferndale.  

Our goals: 

  • Establish a mechanism of collaboration between industry, education, and government.   
  • Foster a strong business climate and improve the City’s ability to provide timely and quality service.
  • Evaluate strategies and make recommendations to diversify the local economy and grow the tax base.
  • Assist in developing the City’s first comprehensive economic development strategy.
  • Provide a sounding board for public policy decisions and ongoing feedback to City staff.


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