Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

Code enforcement officers respond to citizen concerns about issues that affect the quality of life within the City—such as zoning, overgrown lots or yards, inoperative vehicles, maintenance of structures, illegal signs, and public nuisances. Systematic inspections are also performed throughout the City to ensure properties are in compliance with City Code.

The City's Code Enforcement hours can be found here.

If you have a Code Enforcement concern, you may submit your request online using See Click Fix or call us at (248) 546-2525 ext.3. Please leave a detailed message if we are unable to pick up the phone.

A guide to addressing blight by the Ferndale Community and Economic Development Department, can be found here.


Pest Control

Eliminating rodents and pests at your homes and businesses

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Can the Code Enforcement Officer come into my yard?

We make every effort to respect your property rights.  We are allowed to access public areas such as the sidewalk, porch and driveway of your house.  If you would like to invite us into your back yard we will gladly work with you to show you what may need to be done.

I put my garbage in really strong plastic bags, is that good enough?

Garbage that is not in an approved garbage can is an invitation to vermin and other wildlife to come eat.  Since we are working very hard to limit the rodent population in Ferndale, it is best to place your garbage in a plastic or galvanized metal container with a tight fitting lid no larger than 26 gallons. 

The guy behind me has a car that’s been sitting up on blocks for months. Is that okay?

Any vehicle stored on a property must be operable, have a current license and be parked on a paved surface.

My neighbor's grass is a foot long. Do they have to mow it?

The lawn grass cannot be longer than 7".  As a courtesy, we will send a notice once per season to the homeowner letting them know they have seven days to cut their grass.  If the grass does not get cut, the City’s contractor will mow it for them.  This service will cost the property owner $275.00. Given the alternatives, the property owner normally realizes that it is much less expensive to maintain their lawn themselves or hire someone, rather than having the City do it.

Who should I contact for a grass/weeds complaint?

For grass and weed complaints please use our online system, See Click Fix. For any questions regarding grass and weeds, you may contact us at (248) 546-2525 Ext. 3.

If I cannot fix a problem within the time allotted on the notice, will Code Enforcement work with me?

Our Code Enforcement Officers will work with anyone who contacts us to set up a reasonable time frame to take care of the violations.  Our goal is compliance, not punishment.  Please do not ignore the notice, simply contact us at the number listed on the notice and talk to the person listed at the bottom.  We are here to help keep Ferndale a great place to live.

I filed a complaint awhile back about a problem property and nothing's happened. Why hasn't Code Enforcement responded yet?

Typically, we give the property owner one or two weeks to solve the problem. We may allow more time on extensive projects. If the property owner does not take care of the problem, we will issue a ticket that may motivate them to respond. If an owner chooses not to maintain their properties, our last resort is to take the owners to court and let the judge determine if an order will be issued to correct the problem.

I have a wood pile in my yard that is stacked and organized. Is this okay?

It depends.  All wood piles and storage need to be stored off of the ground by at least 18”. This helps to reduce opportunities for rodents and other vermin from taking up residence in your wood pile.

I just saw a rat, what do I do?

The rodent population in Ferndale is something that we take very seriously and must address as a community. The rodents need three things to flourish: a place to live, food, and water. This is why code enforcement is so important. If we eliminate these three things, we will make significant progress in our fight against rodents.

Where do rodents live?

  • Near food, water and shelter
  • Under wood or lumber piles
  • In bushes, vines, and tall grass
  • Under rocks or landscaping features
  • In unused lawn furniture
  • Around trash and garbage
  • In or under sheds and garages

What food bring rats to my yard?

  • Improperly stored garbage
  • Storing unclean recyclables
  • Animal food
  • Bird feeders
  • Dog and cat food bowls outside
  • Fruit and vegetables on the ground
  • Improperly managed compost piles
  • Dog droppings
  • Ponds, fountains, and water hoses

What will make my yard less attractive to rats?

  • Stack firewood 18” off the ground
  • Stop feeding birds
  • Keep bushes trimmed
  • Remove dog droppings daily
  • Get rid of clutter in the yard
  • Do not leave pet food outside
  • Do not compost meat or dairy products
  • Store garbage in cans with lids
  • Clean recyclables before storing
  • Remove water sources
  • Install sweeps on garage doors

The City isn't responsible for exterminating rats from your property, but we will be happy to visit you and help develop a plan for keeping rodents out of your yard. Rodent control is a community issue, so we encourage you to share the information with as many of your neighbors as possible.

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