Yard Waste and Fall Leaf Pickup

Fall Leaf Pickup

The City of Ferndale provides complimentary curbside leaf pickup to residential streets each fall between mid-October and the beginning of December. This year, the curbside leaf pickup program will begin the week of October 24, 2022, and conclude with one final leaf pickup for the entire City the week of November 28. Like last year, the Public Works Department has designed a more specific leaf pickup schedule. Each street receives pickup according to an east-west schedule, with different areas served throughout the week. View the map below to note which days the Public Works Crew will be in your area. Please note: the schedule is subject to change according to any weather delays.

To have your leaves picked up, simply rake them to the curb by 7:00 a.m. on the Monday of your scheduled week and they will be picked up according to your schedule. Please avoid mixing other forms of yard debris with your leaves to avoid harming the machinery. Those yard waste items can be put in a brown kraft bag for yard waste pickup. This year, yard waste pickup ends on Friday, December 16.

DPW highly encourages you to move your vehicles for pickup so the pickup process can run as efficiently as possible. Leaves piled too long can cause parking hazards, so it's important the streets are cleared completely. If you miss a pickup, please wait to rake the leaves to the curb until the next scheduled time.

Yard Waste

The City provides curbside yard waste collection services annually from Monday, April 4 through December 16, 2022. Yard waste—including grass clippings, leaves, small sticks, and weeds—is collected weekly on your regular trash day. Yard waste should be placed in either a reusable container with a Ferndale Yard Waste Compost label (labels available at DPW) or paper kraft bags (available at most local hardware and home improvement stores).

Between December and April, yard waste can be dropped off free of charge at SOCRRA's Troy transfer station; contact 248-288-5150 for details.

Did you know that you can throw your light kitchen waste in with your yard waste through SOCRRA's curbside yard waste pick-up? You can throw in your kitchen waste items such as fruit and vegetable scraps— peels, rinds, seeds, nuts, or other byproducts. You can also include clean fill dirt, potting soil, garden soil, wood shavings and ash, and untreated wood. For a full list, check out this guide.  

Through the yard waste program, SOCRRA provides free compost for all Ferndale residents. Look for the compost piles throughout the City at these locations:

There are additional resources on the EPA Website about reducing food waste at home.


How do I bundle branches properly for curbside pickup?

Branches four inches or less in diameter should be cut into lengths between 4'-12'.

How do I prepare logs for curbside pickup?

Logs are more than four inches in diameter and should be cut into 2' lengths no more than 50 pounds per log. Prepared logs can be placed at the curb for collection on your regular trash collection day.  

Is it okay to include sticks, rocks, and other yard debris in my leaf piles?

No. The City's leaf pickup trucks are not able to process sticks, branches, stones, and other such debris. Including these items in your leaf piles harms our machinery and creates a slower leaf pickup process for all. Please keep your leaf piles pure. 

Sticks, branches, and other similar yard debris can be placed out for yard waste recycling on your regular trash day. Make sure they're placed in brown paper recycling bags or canisters with clearly marked recycling stickers (available at the DPW office). 

Do you offer bag pick-up if I don't want to rake my leaves to the curb?

We do! Leaves and other yard debris can be bagged in brown kraft recycling bags or canisters with clearly-marked recycling labels (available from the DPW office). Pickup happens weekly on your regular trash day between (roughly) April 1 and December 12. To recycle yard waste in between pickup seasons, please bring your bagged debris to   SOCRRA Recycling Center, located at 995 Coolidge Hwy in Troy. 

How can I compost?

As an alternative to bagging and curbside pickup, many residents enjoy the natural benefits of composting. Check out the Compost Pilot Program page to learn how to get involved.

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