Yard Waste

Curbside Yard Waste Collection

The City provides curbside yard waste collection services annually from the first full week of April through the week of December 14. Yard waste—including grass clippings, leaves, small sticks, and weeds—is collected weekly on your regular trash day. Yard waste should be placed in either a reusable container with a Ferndale Yard Waste Compost label (labels available at DPW) or paper kraft bags (available at most local hardware and home improvement stores).

Between December and April, yard waste can be dropped off free of charge at SOCRRA's Troy transfer station; contact 248-288-5150 for details.

Curbside Fall Leaf Collection

Ferndale DPW provides residents with annual curbside leaf pickup each fall between mid-October and the beginning of December (specific dates determined and will be announced at the beginning of each autumn). Visit the curbside leaf pickup page for a map and current information.

For additional questions about curbside yard waste pickup, contact DPW at 248-546-2514. 


How do I bundle branches properly for curbside pickup?

Branches four inches or less in diameter should be cut into lengths between 4'-12'.

How do I bundle brush clippings for curbside pickup?

Brush less than an inch in diameter, tree branches, branches with needles or thorns, shrubs, vines, or hedge brush cut into 4' lengths and tied in bundles.

How do I prepare logs for curbside pickup?

Logs are more than four inches in diameter and should be cut into 2' lengths no more than 50 pounds per log. Prepared logs can be placed at the curb for collection on your regular trash collection day.  

Will the City pickup tree stumps at the curb?

Yes. Tree stumps must be free of roots and soil and should weight no more than 50 pounds each.

Do you have resources for yard waste collection and preparation?

SOCRRA—Southeast Oakland County's Resource Recovery Authority—has information about what can be collected (Waste Wizard), how to prepare materials, seasons for pickup, and more.

How can I compost?

As an alternative to bagging and curbside pickup, many residents enjoy the natural benefits of composting. Check out tips for effective composting to get started.

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