Ready to start saving water? Join the EPA's I'm For Water pledge and download a checklist of easy water- and money-saving techniques that you can implement in your home now.

Residents can utilize the US Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense programs, which provide guidance on more water-efficient home fixtures.

Stormwater Solutions

Green infrastructure can provide better water infiltration and absorption, helping to prevent water from entering our combined water system. In times of heavy rains, stormwater enters the system, combined with the sanitary waste, which can result in combined sewer water that overflows downstream. This contaminates our waterways, making it harder to maintain a healthy water system.  

You can improve your stormwater management at your home by integrating green infrastructure solutions, such as:

In addition, consider what you use on your lawn. Herbicides and fertilizers, if used improperly, can enter our waterways and contaminate our drinking water. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label to ensure proper application. Interested in more eco-friendly herbicides and fertilizers? Consider organic herbicides and pesticides, or compost instead of chemical fertilizers. Additional lawn tips here.

To learn more about stormwater in our community, visit the Clinton Watershed Website.


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