SubArea Plans

Environmental Inventory (EIC)

The City’s environmental concerns inventory was introduced in 2011. The EIC analyzes 192 properties located within our industrial, manufacturing and office districts.  The purpose of the inventory is to evaluate those parcels, identify any impediments to redevelopment, identify ways to maximize the development of those parcels, and the tools that can assist in redevelopment.

Identifying potential environmental issues can be time consuming and cost prohibitive for potential developers and property owners.  The City's EIC document hopes to remove these costs from the developer's process, saving them time and money in their search for investment.

Transit Oriented Development Plan (TOD)

Woodward Transit Oriented Development Plan (2012)

The TOD Plan was commissioned by the Woodward Avenue Action Association.  The purpose of this study is to improve planning along the Woodward corridor utilizing Complete Streets methodology and to maximize development associated with potential future transit.


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