Special Events Application Process

To host an event in the City of Ferndale, you must complete and submit a Special Event Application. There are many crucial aspects to consider when planning an event—including parking, required permits, and issues of legality—and our Director of Special Events will work with you to ensure a safe and successful event. The following is what you'll need to complete this application:

  • If you would like to propose an event, to be held in the City of Ferndale, please click the following link to submit your request:
  • Site map of the event area, including site locations, facilities, parks, pavilions, etc.
  • A meeting with the Director of Special Events to review and evaluate the details of the application for clarification of requirements and fees

Small events (fewer than 500 attendees) and large events (500 or more attendees) will also need:

  • To apply at least 90 days before the event date(s)
  • Information about the use of public property, street and/or parking lot closures, and special parking
  • Information about cleanup plans and waste management

Additional requirements, if proposed in a Special Event Application:

  • Certificate of Liability Insurance to include the City of Ferndale as “additional insured”
  • Temporary Liquor License from the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (MLCC)
  • Temporary License from the Oakland County Health Department
  • Written approval for private property use
  • Portable restrooms, including hand-washing stations
  • Other necessities as determined by the Director of Special Events, and the Special Events Committee

Application fees are based on the Special Event Classification, a determination made by assessing the potential liability risk. The application fees are non-refundable and must be paid in advance to begin the special events process.

  • Class 1: low hazard—no physical activity by participants and no severe exposure to spectators; ex. social gatherings, seminars, theatrical performances, and auctions
  • Class 2: moderate hazard—limited physical activity by participants and no severe exposure to spectators; ex. dances, animal shows, flea markets, parades, and picnics
  • Class 3: high hazard—major participation by participants and/or moderate exposure to spectators; ex. parades with floats, marathons or races, and circuses/carnivals
  • Class 4: severe hazard—severe exposure to spectators and/or participants; ex. alcoholic beverage sales, vehicle shows, fireworks, and ice-carving events

Use of City Parks, Pavilions, and Facilities. Contact the Kulick Community Center at 248-544-6767 to secure parks, pavilions, and/or Kulick facilities.

For more information about special events, contact:

Michael Lary
Director of Special Events


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