Roads & Streets

Major and Local Street Construction

The Department of Public Works maintains approximately 21 miles of major streets and 54 miles of local streets within the City. 

Much of the funding for street construction come from gas taxes collected by the State of Michigan and redistributed to local governments. Funding that has been restricted to the major and local streets funds will be used for street maintenance purposes only.

2019 Streets & Roads Projects

Each year, the City takes on a series of planned local street and road updates, including resurfacing work, infrastructure updates, and safety installations. To find out whether your street will be impacted by summer or fall projects, visit the interactive GIS 2019 Proposed Road Repaving and Construction map.

Livernois Resurfacing

Between spring and fall 2018, Livernois will be resurfaced from 8 Mile Road to 9 Mile Road. Improvements are in keeping with the best practices in street design and will include:

  • New Asphalt Paved Street
  • Protected Bike Lanes (concrete island, parking, and bollard protected)
  • Striped On-street Parking
  • Mid-block Crossings
  • Curb Extensions
  • Additional Bicycle Parking (and moving bike parking off-street)
  • Bicycle Boxes
  • Public Plaza at W. Nine Mile/Livernois intersection
  • New mast arm traffic signal at W. Nine Mile/Livernois intersection
  • Fire Department Safety Signage

For more information about the project, including plan designs and FAQs, visit Ferndale Moves.


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