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Residents of the City of Ferndale can help the City achieve their sustainability goals in a variety of ways. An easy way to think about sustainability at the residential level: consider your interaction with waste, energy, and water. Would you consider your practices sustainable? Are there ways you could improve?

What can I do as a Ferndale resident to become more sustainable?

Sustainably Managed Waste

Did you know that the City is charged to dispose of residents' garbage and refuse, but is paid for the community's recycling tonnage? It's true—and the more recycling we dispose of, the more money we earn, which can lead to lower refuse prices for all. By participating in the City's single-stream recycling program, you'll divert material from our landfills and help protect our environment. Additionally, utilizing SOCRRA's composting program gets you free compost to use in your gardens, again diverting material from our landfills.

To learn more about recycling and composting, visit our recycling page or Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority (SOCRRA).

Energy & Water Efficiency

Residents can utilize the US Environmental Protection Agency EnergyStar or WaterSense programs, which provide guidance on more energy efficient and water efficient home fixtures.

DID YOU KNOW? By replacing your home's five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with LED models that have earned the ENERGY STAR, you can save $75 each year . . . and LED bulbs last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent.

Ready to start saving water? Join the EPA's I'm For Water pledge and download a checklist of easy water- and money-saving techniques that you can implement in your home now.

renewable energy generation

Want to take the next step in making your house more sustainable? Consider alternative energy sources, such as solar panels. The City of Ferndale has a Renewable Energy Ordinance allowing for solar, or other renewable energy installations. Solar doesn't just reduce your energy costs, but also lowers your carbon footprint. An average 6kw solar array system can reduce 6.8 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. That is enough to offset your yearly car emissions.

Not quite ready for solar? Through the MIGreen Power Program, DTE Energy allows customers to identify how their energy is produced. Consumers Energy has a similar program called Green Generation.

Stormwater Management

Green stormwater infrastructure, such as the Planned Natural Landscape program, can provide better water infiltration, helping to prevent water from entering our combined water system. In times of heavy rains, stormwater enters the system combining with the sanitary waste, which can result in combined sewer-water that overflows downstream. This contaminates our waterways, making it harder to maintain a healthy water system. 

You can improve your stormwater management by integrating a planned natural landscape, such as a bioswale or raingarden, or install a rain barrel.

In addition, consider what you use on your lawn. Herbicides and fertilizers, if used improperly, can enter our waterways and contaminate our drinking water. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label to ensure proper application. Interested in more eco-friendly herbicides and fertilizers? Consider organic herbicides and pesticides, or compost instead of chemical fertilizers.

Alternative Transportation Options

More and more people are opting to seek alternative transportation options—think ridesharing, carpooling, biking, walking, or taking public transit. Ferndale continues to improve upon City services, with transportation and roads as a key component of those improvements.

I want to ride my bicycle

Biking is a great transportation option. It's good for your health, and good for the environment by reducing the number of cars on the road, thus reducing emissions.

Just bought a new bike? Great! Ferndale has an entire bike route network throughout the City that connects folks to the surrounding area. Notice that florescent green paint on the street or those reflective posts? Those are to help keep our bikers safe. 

Keep updated on new bike improvements at our Ferndale Moves website. There you will find updates on bike lane improvements, maps, and other biking resources

Public Transportation

Public transportation and ridesharing can be great ways to commute to and from your destination. It can also reduce your carbon footprint, reducing emissions in the community. Ferndale is located so close to major thoroughfares, such as Woodward, it is easy for the community members to use the public transit lines.

Looking for more information on regional transit routes? Check out the links below:

SMART: Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation

The SMART bus system has a variety of services provided for Ferndale community members, including the new FAST Woodward line connecting downtown Detroit to Pontiac. Need to purchase a new bus pass? Check out this link for fares and passes.

Ferndale Transit Guide

This third-party source provides a wealth of information regarding transportation in the region.


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