City Council Strategic Plan

Click here to view the 2017 City Council Strategic Plan. The Strategic Plan identifies and describes outcomes that construct budget priorities and guide our high expectations for quality service delivery. A description of strategic outcomes is provided below.

1. Economic Prosperity: Ferndale has an energetic downtown and an expanding, innovative industrial district. Entrepreneurs look to Ferndale to start and grow their businesses and contribute to a balanced and stable economy.

2. Supported Infrastructure: Ferndale cares for the infrastructure and assets that provide critical services to the community. Ongoing maintenance is funded and planned for in both the operating budget and capital improvement plans.

3. Safe, Protected, Engaged Community: Ferndale residents flourish in a safe and welcoming environment where public safety is foundational to community health. City government is accessible and responsive to all who choose to engage in routine civic life.

4. Accessible Transportation Options: Ferndale prioritizes safe and accessible transportation options within our community for all users, from walking and biking to driving and transit.

5. Organizational and Financial Excellence: City government recognizes that leading a modern community requires a commitment to internal quality and financial prudence. City employees are committed to innovation and continuous improvement in the pursuit of excellence.

6. Strong Regional Partnerships: Ferndale recognizes its role as convener and connector of local and regional partners that contribute to the City’s success. Local schools, DDA, Library and regional governmental and non-governmental organizations engage with the City for support and partnership.

7. Healthy, Connected, and Invested Neighborhoods: Ferndale has a variety of housing choices for every age and income level interwoven with an integrated park system that serve as focal points for engaged neighborhoods. Residents actively contribute to a thriving environment, enhancing their homes and supporting our community.  

See the City's public performance dashboard to view strategic plan progress and updates.

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