Emergency Services

The Ferndale Fire and Police Departments are leading the effort to keep citizens safe, educated, and informed. Our emergency teams are working directly with State and County officials and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to implement preventive measures, provide community education, and update protocols to keep community members and emergency officers as safe as possible. To combat the virus:

What is the Fire Department Doing?

The Ferndale Fire Department is well staffed with firefighter-paramedics who are highly trained to respond to situations exactly like this. Fire Chief Teresa Robinson, a 20+ year fire services veteran, is receiving information directly from the County, the State, the CDC, and Homeland Security, and her team is specially trained to help screen for identification and treatment of COVID-19. If you or a loved one experiences a health emergency during this time, our firefighter-paramedics will respond promptly and with additional precautions in place to ensure that you receive safe, expedient care.

Key facts:

  • Ferndale's firefighter-paramedic staff has received comprehensive viral epidemic/pandemic response and preparedness education and are trained to respond in situations like this.
  • Former Chief Jack Pesha delivered talks to several higher-risk populations in 2020, including members of the Ferndale Seniors Group and residents of both the Ferndale Housing Commission and The James senior living community, to help educate.
  • 911 service and response will continue to function the same as always.

What is the Police Department Doing?

The Ferndale Police Department is overseen by Chief Dennis Emmi, a 20+ year veteran of the department. They're working as partners with the Fire Department in the management of the local COVID-19 response, and are responsible for responding to local calls for service or assistance, keeping our neighborhoods and business districts safe, and ensuring safety and order throughout the community.

Key facts:

  • While police patrol and response are staffed as usual, we're trying to reduce as much face-to-face interaction as possible. If you have business of any kind with the Police Department, please call their non-emergency line at 248-541-3650 to make alternate plans.
  • Common spaces such as squad vehicles and jail cells are being cleaned and disinfected before and after each shift to increase safety.
  • 911 services and response will continue to function the same as always.


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