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Current Projects

Ferndale Moves - Ferndale's Mobility Vision

The City of Ferndale is thrilled to begin work on the Ferndale Mobility Plan, an effort to continue Ferndale’s development as a city where walking, biking, and taking transit is safer, easier, and more convenient for everyone in Ferndale.

The Mobility Plan is an update to 2014’s FerndaleMoves! plan, which kicked off active transportation projects around Ferndale and continues to serve as the face of the City’s active transportation efforts.

In the six years since FerndaleMoves! began, the City has added bike lanes to most of its major streets (in total, over 10 miles of lanes have gone in); improved more than 60 pedestrian crossings; converted approximately 800 sidewalk ramps to ADA compliant ramps; initiated a full traffic calming program and carried out 13 traffic calming projects; built a partnership with bikeshare provider MoGo; upgraded bus shelters; and completed a safety audit and traffic study of Woodward Avenue, with a focus on biking, walking, and transit improvements.

With the Mobility Plan, the City will take stock of Ferndale’s network of nonmotorized transportation options, identify ways to improve the planning process, and plot a path forward for future street design projects. The Mobility Plan’s infrastructure recommendations will aim to further the City’s efforts to address climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions; both by broadly encouraging more non-motorized transportation and, at the design level, incorporating best practices in sustainability.

Without input from the people it is meant to serve, the Mobility Plan won’t work. Residents can share their thoughts with the City in a number of ways, including by using an interactive online map or by visiting upcoming on-street demonstration projects and then sharing feedback. City staff are also available to join community meetings: if you would like city staff to attend an upcoming meeting to talk about the Mobility Plan, email Because of COVID-19, all outreach will be conducted online and by mail in an effort to keep everyone safe.

Please visit the Ferndale Moves background page for more information or go straight to the interactive map to share your input. Also, feel free to reach out via email at

Citywide Development Tracker

Ferndale is experiencing an unprecedented period of growth and development. While not every project you’ve heard about is happening all at once, the City wants to make sure you’re aware of what’s being discussed, what projects have been approved, and what projects are under construction. Use the interactive map below to take a look at the various projects under consideration and under construction.

Ferndale New Development Map

Upcoming Major Projects

In this section you’ll find links and information on major projects that are coming soon or currently under consideration and open to public input. The Development Projects page includes more details on larger projects in various stages of development. Contact the CED Department at 248-336-4370 or for more information.

Livernois Corridor

This summer, from June to November, Livernois will be resurfaced to improve the condition of the road, with secondary benefits to the existing bike lane and on-street parking. A community and business info session is set for April 26 at the Kulick Community Center. More information will be posted here soon – call 248-336-4370 for more information.

The Development on Troy

In 2018, the City will be breaking ground on the long-anticipated mixed-use parking structure at W. Troy and Allen. Visit for the latest information.

1600 W. 8 Mile Proposed Development

The proposed development just south of Ferndale High School is currently being discussed at the Planning Commission level. Current information on environmental conditions and other project elements is available at the Ferndale Public Library in printed form, or electronically upon request. Visit the Development Projects page, or contact 248-546-2525, extension 113 for more information.

Past Projects

How the West Was Won

In May of 2013, the Ferndale Downtown Development Authority and the City of Ferndale partnered to improve the infrastructure and unify the streetscape and ambiance of West Nine Mile in downtown Ferndale.Over the course of the summer, much of the antiquated water main was updated, the road was reduced in width to accommodate on-street parking, and bike sharrows were added to promote and accomodate multiple modes of transportation.  Park benches, trees, and new green spaces were also installed to provide a buffer between traffic and the newly constructed wider sidewalks.  The new streetscape has helped the rest of West 9 Mile sync perfectly running east to Woodward.

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