Compost Pilot Program

Compost Pilot Program

The City will launch a one-year residential and commercial Compost Pilot Program to help reduce the amount of food waste being sent to landfills. Composting is a sustainable alternative to disposing of food waste that turns the material into rich, healthy soil. There will be two pilot programs – one for residents and for businesses. The registration for these programs will open in October 2021. The first 250 residents to register will receive a 5-gallon bucket with a lid, a sticker label displaying the list of acceptable food waste, and a guide listing program information. Residents will be periodically asked to provide feedback on the program.

For additional questions, please contact the Zero Waste Program Coordinator at


All collected food waste will be taken to a certified compost facility. Those interested in utilizing this service are encouraged to review the list of acceptable items below to minimize the amount of contamination. Site usage, tonnage collected, contamination issues, and cost will be monitored during the program with an associated program recommendation to be provided in 2022. Registration will be open for residents and businesses in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more info!

Acceptable items:

   ·  Fruits and vegetables

   ·  Raw and cooked meat, bones, and dairy

   ·  Baked goods and pasta

   ·  Fats and sugars

   ·  Greasy pizza boxes

   ·  Paper towels and napkins (unlined paper items)

   ·  BPI Certified Materials

Non-acceptable items:

   ·  Yard waste

   ·  Pet waste

   ·  Plastic bags

   ·  Electronics

   ·  Healthcare products

   ·  Stone, glass, and metal

   ·  Styrofoam

   ·  Traditional plastics

Compost at Home

Residents are encouraged to compost at home if possible. Composting at home is a more sustainable alternative than a drop-off or curbside program because it minimizes the need for transport. The City has additional educational resources available to assist residents with the composting process here.


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