Zoning Updates and Changes

Recent Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Residential Districts (Article III. Sec. 24-43) - Amended 4/10/17

Mixed Use 1 and 2 Districts (Article V. Sec. 24-83) - Amended 4/10/17

Exterior Lighting (Chapter 6. Article XII. Sec. 6-385.) – Amended 4/10/17

Central Business District (Article IV. Section 24-69) – Amended 4/23/18

Landscaping Ordinance (Article XI. General Provisions, Sec. 24-191) - Amended 4/9/18

Site Plan Review (Article XI., multiple sections) - Amended 4/9/18

Medical Marihuana (Article VIII., Article XIX., Article IV., Article VI., & Chapter 6. Article XX.) - Amended June 11, 2018

Zoning Ordinance Amendments In Process

Mixed Use (Article V. Sec. 24-83) and Residential Districts (Article III. Sec. 24-43) Ordinances

-Initial discussion at November 14, 2018 Planning Commission meeting (Staff Memo link) (Presentation link)

-Follow-up discussion at February 6, 2019 Planning Commission meeting (Staff Memo link) (Presentation link)

For More Information

Contact Justin Lyons, Planning Manager


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