Capital Improvement Plan

Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five-year road map for planning and funding public facilities and infrastructure. Included projects incorporate both the construction of new facilities and the rehabilitation or replacement of existing capital.

‍This document reflects the continuation of an ongoing effort to improve the format, consistency, and relevance of the CIP. Featured updates include:

1. Incorporating the CIP into the annual budget process during the fall;

2. Transitioning the CIP application process into a seamless digital experience for project applicants; and 

3. Providing an open portal for the public to view application descriptions and status updates for projects included in the Capital Improvement Plan.

This version of the CIP was published as a Story Map that provides the audience with a more interactive experience in engaging with the City's major infrastructure and capital projects. Proposed fiscal year 2017-2018 capital expenditures are expected to be about $10.8 million. Of that, $2.1 million are expected to support general fund activities, $6 million will support street and park improvement bond projects, $1.8 million will support water and sanitation infrastructure, and an additional $1 million is expected to be applied as a bond payment from the Auto Parking Fund toward the City’s first parking development.

The updates to several core plans and the steps taken toward continual improvement of the CIP process reaffirms the City’s commitment to long-term sustainability of our current assets as well as new improvements that accommodate growth. The City will continue to pursue collaborative efforts with a revitalized Detroit, a successful Oakland County, and an energetic region to ensure that the needs of our residents are met, taking into account the unique characteristics of our City and recognizing our role as a leader of progress.


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