Pinecrest Holdings Housing Development

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UPDATE - 10/10/2019

Development Status

The most recent plan presented to Planning Commission in 2018 was not a formal site plan, but a conceptual plan. No new plans have been submitted to the City for discussion or review. The property owners are working with the State Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy Department (EGLE), formally known as the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), to meet environmental remediation requirements before creating new plans or applying for any formal approvals. Any new plans would have to appear in front of Planning Commission as a public hearing where occupants and property owners within 500 feet around the site would be mailed a notice of the meeting.  

Detroit Axle has been negotiating with Pinecrest Holdings to purchase 6 acres of the site, and they received site plan approval after public meetings with notice to the community for an expansion of their 8 Mile Road facility immediately to the east of their existing building. In July-August 2019, trees fronting 8 Mile Road were removed by a contractor in error and Detroit Axle paid approximately $52K into the city tree fund to account for the loss of the trees. As is standard with all site plan approvals in the city, Detroit Axle has two years to proceed with the project, including addressing any environmental concerns that apply to the project, before the site plan approval expires. Please visit the Detroit Axle page for more information on that portion of the site.


Environmental Concerns

EGLE has been working with Pinecrest Holdings to comply with the requirements for environmental cleanup on the site. Sampling occurred in the public right of way along Pinecrest Dr. to ensure that nothing is migrating from the property into public spaces or private homes. EGLE has been communicating with residents along Pinecrest Dr. as well as with the City. Pinecrest Holdings has been working to meet the deadlines set forth by EGLE regarding various compliance steps. Cleanup requirements apply to the entire site, run with the property, and are the responsibility of the property owner to address before any development can occur. To the City’s knowledge, Pinecrest Holdings is complying with all EGLE requests at this time.

Development History

  1. May 2017: Concept proposed with 90 single-family homes. Housing is proposed to take up the northern half of the site, with
    the rest being developed later. Links:
  2. Oct 2017: More trees added & decontamination emphasized
    Planning Commission raised concerns about affordability, the
    fact that the site is being developed in multiple stages, the fact
    that Ferndale might not need single family homes.
  3. Previous Concept: 70 single-family & 27 multi-family homes. You are invited to share comments and feedback on the
    concept at the meeting or before the meeting by phone, by
    email, or on this website. Links: Meeting agenda & documents to review
    Note: The presentation on this project will be in the Discussion
    Section. An audio recording will be made available later.
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  4. July 2018, the development team presented to the Planning Commission for discussion on the revised development plans. The northern portion of the property consisted of mixed-housing plans, and the southern portion consisted of mixed-use/light-industrial plans. It also included a public green space, and community center to transition the site between residential and other uses, as well as preserve trees throughout and along the perimeter of the site. Although there were no formal approvals, the Planning Commission recommended the development team submit a formal Planned Unit Development (PUD) application. Meeting Documents
  5. If the property owner wishes to pursue any development, the next steps include a formal site plan submission to staff and the Planning Commission to review for approval. Depending on the development, the applicant may need to also receive City Council approval. This specifically is in the case if the property owner wishes to pursue a PUD.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Planned Unit Development (PUD)? This is a form of planning allows for flexibility and creativity in normal zoning requirements. There are several requirements developers must fulfill in order to qualify for this type of project. Those requirements are:
  • How can I review the documents for this project? There is a copy of the environmental reports as provided by the development team, as well as key contacts available at the Ferndale Public Library. Otherwise, there is a set of key project links found on the right side of this page. Can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to contact the CED Department at