Parkdale Townes

72 two-three bedroom townhomes are in the process of construction by Robertson Brothers Homes at the former Taft School site, north of Garbutt Park. The project was approved as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) by City Council on August 14, 2017. As part of the development, three open space paths (two running north to south and one west to east) will be created to provide access through the site to Garbutt Park. The pathways will be open to the public and were negotiated as part of the PUD approval.


Parkdale Townes is currently under construction and nearing completion of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of housing units are being constructed? 72 two-three bedroom townhomes (single-family attached) are being constructed. The units range from 1,184 to 1,500 square feet in size.
  • Where can I find out more details and schedule a showing of homes at Parkdale Homes? Robertson Brothers Homes created a website with images, floor plans, pricing, and more at this link.
  • What is the phasing plan for the project? The PUD agreement required that the project be completed in two phases. Each of the phases would build its own utilities, parking, and vehicular access. Phase 2 may start in 2019, depending on progress of phase 1.
  • Are there any nearby street improvements planned as part of this project? The City is exploring traffic calming improvements on Gardendale and Allen Streets as part of future repaving. Repaving is tentatively scheduled for summer of 2020.
  • Will the new open space pathways be open to the public? Yes, the pathways will be open to the public and provide access to Garbutt Park and adjacent streets. The pathways will include seating areas and community gardens. The pathways were a community benefit negotiated as part of the PUD approval.
  • How many new trees will be planted as part of the project? 102 trees were required as part of the site plan and the trees will be planted along the open space pathways and throughout the development.

427 Allen Street

Parkdale Townes Project Documents

Location: Corner of Fielding and Allen Street

Key Ordinances

Site Plan Review (Article XI.)

Planned Unit Development (PUD) (Article XIII.)

Key Documents

Approved Plan - August 14, 2017 (link)

Staff Memo to City Council - August 14, 2017 (link)

Zoning Map (link)