3178 Hilton (LifeLab Kids Planned Unit Development)

Project Overview

The owners of 3178 Hilton, known as LifeLab Kids, are interested in expanding their offerings by including a variety of outdoor amenities and building upgrades. The original LifeLab Kids site plan and upgrades have occurred over the last three years. These new upgrades include a multi-sensory adaptive outdoor learning space with new playgrounds, sports arenas, and other outdoor engagement spaces. Due to the dimensions and existing conditions on the site, the team is considering a Planned Unit Development (PUD).

Planned Unit Development (PUD)

This is a form of planning that allows for flexibility and creativity in normal zoning requirements. There are several requirements in the City's zoning ordinance that applicants must fulfill in order to qualify for this type of project. Those requirements include the following: 

Preservation of significant natural features; a complementary mixture of uses; sustainable building and site design; open space greenways to link to adjacent to greenway corridors; transition areas from adjacent land uses; provision of affordable housing units; diversification of housing types provided in the City; preservation of historical buildings or site features; improvements to public streets or other public infrastructure; pedestrian and transit-oriented development; coordinated development of multiple assembled small parcels; and removal or renovation of blighted buildings, or sites or clean up of site contamination.

PUD projects are reviewed by staff and the Planning Commission via a Public Hearing, with final approval from City Council via Public Hearing.

3178 Hilton Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220


Community and Economic Development Department

Previous Meetings

September 1, 2021: Planning Commission Meeting (Agenda here)

November 17, 2021: Planning Commission Meeting
(Agenda here)

January 24, 2022: City Council Meeting
(Agenda here)