Community Affordability and Inclusive Housing Action Plan


On December 18, 2017, City Council adopted an Inclusive Housing Policy to help with the creation of affordable housing units in the City. The City’s Master Plan specifically sites the need for affordable housing creation and recommends incentives and/or required affordable units be a part of new property development. 

With the adoption of the Inclusive Housing Policy City Council suggested the next step of searching for a housing expert to determine an inclusive housing unit goal for Ferndale. An RFP selection committee was formed, consisting of Councilmembers Melanie Piana and Raylon Leaks-May, Kate Baker of the Ferndale Planning Commission, former DDA Director Barry Hicks, former City Manager April Lynch, Community and Economic Development Director Jordan Twardy, Planning Manager Justin Lyons, and Sustainability Planner Erin Quetell. The selection committee approved the bid submitted by Lisa Sturtevant and Associates LLC (LSA), from Alexandria Virginia. 


LSA services will include the following tasks: 

Task 1. Definition and Goals 

  1. Market Analysis ‍
  2. Define Inclusive Housing 
  3. Define Inclusive Housing Goals ‍
  4. Propose a Policy Framework 

 Task 2. Metrics 

  1. Set Metrics for Each Goal 
  2. ‍Develop a Monitoring Plan 

Task 3. Baseline Assessment 

  1. Baseline Assessment with Advisory Group 

 Task 4. Action Items 

  1. Short-Term Recommendations 
  2. Longer-Term Recommendations 
  3. Evaluation and Assessment 

 Task 5. Final Plan 

  1. Submission and Review of Final Inclusive Housing and Community Affordability Plan 


As part of the next steps, the City will be creating a community task force to share in the decision making and policy building around inclusive housing in Ferndale. The City's consultant has a template for convening successful community task forces that they’ve used in other cities, including residents, key institutions, and other stakeholders. In following that template, the City will be as inclusive as possible in staffing the task force as well as hearing input and ideas from everyone in Ferndale that wants to share in this work.

If you are a candidate for local office, or a representative of a campaign for local office, we respectfully ask that you refrain from involvement in the steering committee and learn about other ways to participate in this project.


For more information, please contact Adam Loomis at

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Planned Unit Development (PUD)? This is a form of planning allows for flexibility and creativity in normal zoning requirements. There are several requirements developers must fulfill in order to qualify for this type of project. Those requirements are:
  • How can I review the documents for this project? There is a copy of the environmental reports as provided by the development team, as well as key contacts available at the Ferndale Public Library. Otherwise, there is a set of key project links found on the right side of this page. Can't find what you are looking for? Feel free to contact the CED Department at