Community Affordability and Inclusive Housing Action Plan

Community Affordability and Inclusive Housing Action Plan

On December 18, 2017, City Council adopted an Inclusive Housing Policy to help with the creation of affordable housing units in the City. The City’s Master Plan specifically cites the need for affordable housing creation and recommends incentives and/or required affordable units be a part of new property development.

This plan is the culmination of work in pursuit of priorities set by Council in 2017, when the city adopted its first Inclusive Housing Policy as an effort to start the conversation around affordable and inclusive housing as a priority in the City of Ferndale. In 2019, the City of Ferndale contracted with Lisa Sturtevant & Associates (LSA) to build on the 2017 policy by taking the city through the extensive process of defining affordability and inclusivity in the context of Ferndale's specific community vision and conditions, assessing the current conditions, challenges and opportunities in Ferndale based on that definition, and identifying goals and measures of success in pursuit of the defined vision.

LSA was chosen due to their comprehensive approach to analyzing community affordability and commitment to meaningful community engagement. Since the contract work began, a community Advisory group of residents, housing professionals and advocates, private and nonprofit sector professionals, and other stakeholders was formed to serve as a sounding board for the work of LSA. This group met six times, and facilitated public comment periods and a major community meeting to discuss, explore, and refine preliminary goals as being presented in July 2020. A second major public meeting was in process, but derailed due to COVID-19. Additional public input will be gathered at minimum through virtual outreach means, taking COVID-19 precautions into account but also desiring resident involvement, in anticipation of a July presentation of a final plan for consideration by Council. If adopted, this plan would provide the basis for Council's efforts to set implementation priorities for staff to pursue and incorporate into budgeting and other city functions.

A refined implementation plan, building on the implementation strategies to be provided in the final plan, will be completed following the City Council's Strategic Plan update process in September 2020.


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