2000 W. 8 Mile Road Development

July 17, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting at 6:30pm
300 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale, MI

Detroit Axle (2000 W. 8 Mile Road) has proposed a warehouse expansion that would connect to their recently renovated headquarters. The expansion plans include over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing and warehouse space, as well as future office space. The applicant has requested site plan approval and will appear on the Planning Commission agenda at the July 17, 2019 meeting.

Environmental Concerns

The Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) has been working with Detroit Axle to comply with the requirements for environmental cleanup of the site. This includes continued sampling and monitoring, as well as the development of a remediation work plan. The work plan is anticipated to be submitted to EGLE by early 2022. If any changes to that schedule occur, the City will update all information to reflect any new information. As far as the City is aware, Detroit Axle has been working to meet the deadlines set forth by EGLE regarding various compliance steps. These cleanup requirements apply to the entire site, run with the property, and are the responsibility of the property owner to address before any development can occur. At this time there is no indication that there is any public health threat. However, if any such issues arises, the City will ensure to notify the community immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated July, 2019
  • Is the proposed warehouse expansion a permitted use at this location? Yes, manufacturing and warehouse uses are permitted in the M-1 (Limited Industrial) zoning district.
  • Is a public hearing required for this use? No, a public hearing is not required. However, the Planning Commission will review the site plan at their regularly scheduled meeting on July 17, 2019.
  • Can I review a paper copy of the site plan? Yes, a physical copy of the site plan is available for public review at City Hall during business hours (Monday-Thursday, 8a-5:30p).
  • Was the proposed expansion area part of 1600 W. 8 Mile (the Pinecrest Holdings site)? Yes, a portion of the Pinecrest Holdings site was acquired by Detroit Axle. There is not an update regarding the Pinecrest Holdings project at this time.
  • Will the site plan review require environmental remediation? The zoning ordinance and site plan requirements do not cover environmental remediation details. However, staff does recommend any remediation details be made available to the City and community once finalized. Staff has connected the applicant with the State Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy to ensure the State remediation requirements are met.
  • Is this project seeking brownfield incentives through the City? The applicant has not applied for brownfield incentives at this time. If the applicant were to apply for incentives, the project would be reviewed by the City's Brownfield Authority and City Council.