Why Open in Ferndale?

With Progressive Values and a Commitment to Innovation, our minds and hearts are Open in Ferndale.

Ask around metro Detroit and you’ll find that Ferndale has quite the reputation. For a physically small place – just four square miles – we’re quite well known for our quirkiness, regionally unmatched walkability, and forward-thinking attitude (not to mention some of the best food, drink and fun around).

We’re a town made special by entrepreneurs who put everything on the line to bring something new and different to the industries they represent. Our people have fierce local roots with regional and global reach, from chips and salsa to vodka, skilled trades, media, and software. We’re the ultimate sampler platter of intrepid doers, thinkers, makers, creators, and collaborators, each looking for a place to thrive, build connections, and leave their stamp on history. They chose to make that place themselves. They chose to Open in Ferndale.

We’re a town that looks not just at today but at generations to come. From the front porch to City Hall, we’re willing to invest in our future and do it together, even when it’s messy. Especially when it’s messy. Our people are uncompromising in their desire for a progressive community that welcomes all, aren’t afraid to fail as long as it’s forward, and don’t accept “that’s how we’ve always done it.” Whether times are good or tough, we bring out the best in each other and in our world. Known well for our commitment to the rights of LGBTQ+ persons, that commitment extends to all and to each other because our hearts and minds are Open in Ferndale.

A place can’t be all things to all people. Our Ferndale family blessed us over decades with a unique identity and a creative, collaborative community spirit in a world of white noise. If you want your business or family (or both!) to set down roots in a place that will embrace you, challenge you to be your best, and give you a chance to put your stamp on the future, we want you here.

We welcome you to Open in Ferndale.

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