Why Open in Ferndale.

With Progressive Values and a Commitment to Innovation, our minds and hearts are Open in Ferndale.

In Ferndale we are fortunate to have a unique, complementary, and collaborative business environment that fosters the growth of a diverse range of businesses. Our entrepreneurs are thriving in a multitude of industries such as food, artisan works, media, tech, brewing, distilling, baking, manufacturing, and more.

Within our family of businesses, you can be confident that you will be in the best position to experiment, create, fail forward, and ultimately find a supportive community that wants to see you succeed. If you are an intrepid, creative entrepreneur, we invite and welcome you to Open in Ferndale.

We have created this portal to initiate the process and allow you to see what makes us special, as well as to provide streamlined access to the key resources you need to succeed: basic process information, financing and incentives, expansion/recovery assistance, and more.

For additional info or personalized assistance, we invite you to get in touch.

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