Water Service Interruptions & Brown Water

November 3, 2021

While completing work on I75, a contractor hit a water line located on the service drive. The City will be closing a few valves and shutting down a portion of the water main so a repair can be made. Impacted residents will be notified

It can be alarming to see brown water coming out of the faucets of your house, but it’s likely to happen at some point due to water pressure fluctuations for a variety of reasons—construction, a broken water main, fire hydrant maintenance, etc. The good news is that most of the time there is no reason to worry and it's typically an easy fix.

So, what should you do if you see brown water?

The first thing is to know whether there is a current issue, such as a water main repair or planned hydrant flush, that may be impacting your neighborhood's water. The City will do its best to alert residents of widespread water interruptions or the possibility of brown water in advance, or as quickly as possible once we are made aware of the situation.

Current Water Service Issues

Properties impacted by this repair have been noticed with door hangers and issued bottles of water in the event of a water disturbance. If your property is in the general area, even if not impacted by the repair, you may notice brown or dingy-colored water should the water main be shut down and restarted.

What to Do if Your Water is Brown

Run your cold water for 5-10 minutes. The brown you are seeing is most likely due to stirred up sediments from pressure fluctuations that can make water appear cloudy or dingy. After 5-10 minutes you should see your water run clear and safe to use. If after 10 minutes you are still seeing brown water, please report this to the City via Facebook messenger or Information@ferndalemi.gov.

If at any point a boil water advisory is in effect for any area of Ferndale, affected residents will be made aware immediately via Facebook, Twitter, the City website, and a personally delivered notice to your door.