Tax Payments and March Board of Review Meeting Information

January 27, 2021

Residents and business owners are encouraged to review the information below regarding the upcoming tax payment period and the Board of Review Meeting.

Tax Payments

Winter taxes are due by February 16, 2021, with summer tax installment payments due by March 1, 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all credit card processing fees will be waived.

Under the Michigan Public Act 246 of 2003, any outstanding amounts after those deadlines will be considered delinquent and transferred to Oakland County. Those who need to discuss delinquent taxes or possible repayment schedules, please contact the Oakland County Treasury Department by emailing or by calling (248) 858-0611.


Board of Review

In the coming weeks, City residents and business owners will receive a letter of assessment for their properties. This letter indicates the prior year’s evaluation, the current property taxable value, and the amount of change in assessments between this year and last year. This is an extremely important letter for residents, particularly for those who have purchased their homes within the last 12-18 months. The letter also includes information regarding the upcoming Board of Review Meeting. This is an opportunity for residents to speak with the County Assessor about the taxable value of their home, how the assessment values are calculated, and to challenge those assessments, if necessary.

The Board of Review Meeting is scheduled to be held in person in the City Council Chambers on Tuesday and Wednesday, March 2 and 3, and Monday and Tuesday, March 8 and 9. The meeting will adhere to COVID-19 guidelines of social distancing. The County Assessor will also be available via telephone or zoom during the scheduled meeting times, for those who prefer to attend the meeting virtually.

Residents can proactively schedule their Board of Review appointments before Friday, February 26 by contacting the Oakland County Equalization Division:

- Toll-Free (888) 350-0900 Ext. 88793
- Direct (248) 858-8793

Scheduling this early gives the County Assessor the opportunity to review their records, correct any discrepancies, and if necessary, complete a field visit prior to the meeting. The County Assessor will accept written appeals until the close of the boards on March 9, 2021.  

For more information about the City's tax payment processes, please click here.


Reilly Coleman

Communications Specialist