March 10 Presidential Primary AV Ballots Now Available

February 5, 2020

Michigan has absentee voting for all. You no longer need a reason to request an absentee ballot—so you can vote from home or anywhere else. Just email your signed AV application to and we’ll get your ballot in the mail.

Important things to note for this election:

It is a Closed Primary which requires the written selection of your choice of ballot style; you must choose either Democratic Party Presidential Primary Ballot, Republican Party Presidential Primary Ballot, or Ballot without Presidential Primary. The third permits voters to vote for the DIA millage and Ferndale Schools ballot questions if the voter lives in the Ferndale School District. We are unable to issue a ballot without a selection being made.

The Presidential Primary ballot is finalized in early December, therefore some of the candidates may have dropped out of the race before March 10. You must return your ballot by 8 pm on Tuesday, March 10 in order to be counted but it doesn’t have to be submitted immediately. Ballots are not processed or counted before Election Day. If you do return your ballot and wish to change your vote, the City Clerk’s Office can spoil your ballot and issue you a replacement up until 4 pm on Monday, March 9.

On the Presidential Primary ballots, voters may choose "uncommitted". When a voter selects “uncommitted,” this indicates the voter is exercising a vote for that political party, but is not committed to any of the candidates listed on the ballot. If enough voters cast “uncommitted” votes, the party may send delegates to the national nominating convention who are not committed to a specific candidate.


Lindsey Gunsorek

Communications Specialist