Fire Marshal Promotion Announcement

February 6, 2020

We are pleased to introduce our new Fire Marshal, Sgt. Dennis Barr. Sgt Barr has been in fire service for twenty-six years, and has been with the City of Ferndale for nearly twenty years. He is a Hazmat Technician, having been a member of the Oak Way Hazmat Team for eight years. He also served as a paramedic since 1997, as well as a paramedic instructor and coordinator. Additionally, he was a member of the Oak Way Technical Rescue team for eight years.

Currently, Sgt. Barr is a Fire Inspector I and a Juvenile Fire Setter Intervention Specialist. Over the next few months, he will be taking classes to become certified as a National Fire Protection Association Plans Examiner, a National Fire Protection Association Inspector II, and Fire Investigator I.  

Sgt. Barr is looking forward to his new role in the community. His goal is to work collaboratively with other departments throughout the City to ensure safety, and provide the best possible service to the residents and visitors of Ferndale. Congratulations Fire Marshal Barr!  


Reilly Coleman

Communications Assistant