Ferndale Transitions to New Voting Equipment and Ballot Style

October 18, 2017

Voters in the City of Ferndale will see some changes during the upcoming November 7 Election. 

New State of Michigan voting equipment—being instituted in Ferndale for the upcoming election—is meant to ensure better security, accuracy, and ease of use for everyone engaged in the voting process.

The City Clerk’s Office will host a "get to know your new equipment" open house on October 23, 5:30-6:30 p.m., in City Hall Council Chambers. You can see the new style of ballots, make note of the differences, and practice loading ballots into the City’s new voting machines.

The new equipment, which is federally certified and meets Michigan’s most stringent standards, brings several changes that voters should be aware of:

  • Ballots will now contain boxes to be filled in—not circles
  • Fill-in boxes are located to the left of choices rather than the right
  • Ballots will be printed on regular letter-size paper (like the kind that comes from a standard office printer)

The machine that voters feed their ballots into have also been updated. Although the machines will look different than in past elections, the process of feeding ballots into the machine remains the same. The new machines are fully accessible, enabling all voters, including those with disabilities, to mark their ballots privately and independently. The system includes an audio ballot reader and accommodates adaptive devices for voters with disabilities.


Danny Messinger

Writer/Content Specialist