Ferndale Police Joins ‘Neighbors’ by Ring

September 16, 2019

At their regular Aug. 26 meeting, Ferndale City Council approved a partnership agreement between the Ferndale Police Department and Ring—a technology solutions company that aims to reduce crime in neighborhoods and make communities safer. Residents and law enforcement agencies use Ring’s ‘Neighbors’ app to share and access hyper-local crime and safety information in real time—a neighborhood watch for the digital age.

The ‘Neighbors’ app—available on iOs and Android—can be downloaded and accessed free of charge by police departments and the public. The app’s network has millions of users and can be instrumental in catching package thieves, stopping burglaries, and keeping neighborhoods safe by allowing residents to:

  • Share and comment on real-time crime and safety events in your neighborhood.
  • Post information relating to critical incidents to keep Ring Neighbors informed about issues in your neighborhood.
  • Assist Police Department operations and investigations by sharing information and video from home security cameras.

While residents using the ‘Neighbors’ app have the opportunity to share video with the Police Department, it's completely voluntary and police cannot view or access video without an owner's approval.

“Residents are increasingly posting videos and accounts of suspicious activity on social media,” said Ferndale Police Chief Vincent Palazzolo. “This can be a valuable tool for us to capture criminal activity and solve neighborhood issues, and a real opportunity for interested citizens to take a more active role in protecting their communities.”

You can get started by downloading the free ‘Neighbors’ app, joining your local neighborhood group, and start sharing news and safety information with your community. Also, visit our FAQ below for more information about how the program works.

For questions or additional information, contact Detective Matt Goebel at 248-546-2387.


  • How does the 'Neighbors' app work?
    'Neighbors' is an app launched by Ring that allows people to share, view, and comment on crime and security information in their communities. The app is completely voluntary and free to use.
  • Do you have to own a Ring device to sign up for the 'Neighbors' App?
    No, anyone can download the 'Neighbors' App for free. Videos and photos from non-Ring devices—such as Nest and Google—can be shared as well.
  • What are the requirements for setting up an account in the 'Neighbors' app?
    All that's required is a valid address.
  • Are my posts anonymous?
    Yes, users and posts on 'Neighbors' are kept anonymous. Posts are identified on a map for location, but names and exact addresses are not listed.
  • Can the Police Department contact me via the 'Neighbors' app?
    Similar to Facebook or Nextdoor, the Police Department can make a post and target it to specific neighborhoods or areas; whether you choose to respond is completely voluntary. Posts will generally be made to seek information or video to help solve a crime, share a warning about a safety issue in your area, or communicate about a Police-sponsored neighborhood/community event.
  • If the Police Department asks for video, do I have to share it?
    Absolutely not. Your video and photo content is completely inaccessible by law enforcement and is shareable only at your discretion.
  • How can I learn more?
    For questions or additional information, contact Detective Matt Goebel at 248-546-2387.


Kara Sokol

Communications Director