Ferndale Police and Fire Departments Receive Certificates of Excellence

August 25, 2020

Fire Chief Jack Pesha recognized members of the Ferndale Fire Department and Ferndale Police Department during the August 24 council meeting for their recent recognition by the Oakland Medical Control Authority.

Every year, the Oakland County Medical Control Authority (OCMCA) recognizes EMS providers and first responders who have provided outstanding service to their community and citizens of Oakland County. Members from both Ferndale Police and Fire Departments were recently awarded Certificates of Excellence by OCMCA for two different life-saving situations that occurred earlier this year.

Both situations involving two incidences of cardiac arrest were resolved quickly and efficiently by the Ferndale Police and Fire Departments. Both patients are in good health and have experienced a full recovery, thanks to the life-saving efforts of each team. The police recognized cardiac arrest and provided CPR in a manner served by electrical therapy through AED’s. Fire crews were then able to provide post-cardiac arrest care, advanced life support, and rapid transport to the hospital. “Both patients survived because of their teamwork and dedication to the City and citizens of Ferndale,” said Dr. Steve McGraw, Director of Medical Control.

Ofc. Bandoo, Ofc. Stanko, Police Chief Palazzolo, Firefighter Stolz, Firefighter Ladysh, Fire Captain Light
Ofc. Zyrowski and Ofc. Little
Ofc. Krajewski, Ofc. Pearce, Sgt. Danielson, Firefighter Stolz, Firefighter Chevela, Fire Lt. Schwall

Not pictured: Fire Sgt. Michalak, and Firefighter Dreslinski

Oakland County Medical Control receives recommendations for awards from 64 different municipalities across Oakland County. Being recognized by OCMCA for excellence is of very high regard. Both scenarios are great examples of teamwork and cooperation displayed by Ferndale Police and Fire departments. "This is why we have public safety officials as part of our service to our community. Thank you to all the police officers and firefighters for giving it your all and being professional and saving lives," said Mayor Piana. Congratulations to all who received this prestigious award!


Reilly Coleman

Communications Assistant