Ferndale City Manager “Goes Pink” for a Cure

October 4, 2021

Donate now to Real Men Wear Pink and the American Cancer Society

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States, bringing attention to a form of cancer that affects more than 350,000 people annually—the second most common form of cancer for women, following skin cancer.

Here in Ferndale, one leader is taking the opportunity to “go pink” for the cause—and for a cure. Ferndale City Manager Joseph Gacioch has joined the American Cancer Society’s “Real Men Wear Pink” campaign; he’ll wear some form of the color pink every day in October to shine a light on cancer awareness and fundraising for treatment and support.

“If you’d asked me ten years ago whether cancer fundraising would be at the top of my mind, I probably wouldn’t have foreseen it,” Gacioch said. “I’ve now lost several loved ones to cancer, I’ve supported close friends struggling through the loss of loved ones to cancer, and whatever influence I have, even if it’s small, I want to use to help.”

Gacioch was nominated by the American Cancer Society to join “Real Men Wear Pink of Oakland County,” a group of local ambassadors and industry leaders who team up together to fundraise and spread the word about the Society’s work.

“The American Cancer Society is mission- and service-oriented,” Gacioch said. “Their work directly supports patients and loved ones, affects change through legislative advocacy, and pursues progressive outcomes through research.”

As of now, Gacioch has raised $1,027 toward his $3,000 goal, and the “Real Men Wear Pink of Oakland County” team has raised $211,150—an incredible step forward in supporting cancer research, family support, and global awareness.

For Gacioch, his main driving purpose with this campaign is to help empower those directly or indirectly dealing with cancer.

“As a supporter, cancer has made me feel powerless,” he said. “So I try to focus on small actions that are within my control that help me express support. That may mean that I wear pink every day for a month, or fundraise for organizations like the American Cancer Society that focus on impactful research, or walk or run to support local organizations like Gilda’s Club that help cancer victims in need of resources and comfort.”

Every form of help counts! To assist Joseph and the “Real Men Wear Pink of Oakland County” campaign, please visit his personal page and donate or share with friends and loved ones.


Kara Sokol

Communications Director