City of Ferndale Offers Assistance for Furloughed Government Employees

January 15, 2019

The City of Ferndale announced today that it will offer a payment assistance program for Ferndale residents who are federal government employees furloughed by the government shutdown.

Furloughed federal employees will qualify for a two-month deferral period for City payments, including water/utility payments, taxes (for those on the monthly tax payment plan), permit fees, and parking. The payment deferral period will be in effect for the duration of the federal government shutdown, plus an additional 60 days following its conclusion. This will allow residents some time following the shutdown to get back on their feet financially. While payments are on delay, there will be no additional late fees or charges assessed.

The idea for the assistance program came from Ferndale Mayor David Coulter, who expressed concern for federally-employed residents facing financial hardship due to the shutdown.

“Furloughed employees don't deserve the economic hardship and uncertainty that they’re facing,” Coulter said. “We’re proud to do our part to support them until this misguided federal shutdown is over.”

To take part in the payment deferral program, you must be a federally employed Ferndale resident or customer and complete the online application at You will be asked to verify your status with federal employee ID or pay stub.

For more information about the program or other financial assistance options, contact Finance Manager Candice Giles at 248-546-2367 or by email at


Kara Sokol

Communications Director