City of Ferndale Implements Credit Card Service Fees

December 31, 2018

Editor's Note: There have been technical difficulties during the implementation of the new credit card service fee charges. If you used the Park Ferndale app to pay for parking on January 2 or January 3, you may have been charged an additional fee. We are aware of the problem and are issuing complete refunds for anyone who paid with the Park Ferndale app and was overcharged on January 2 or January 3. Please be aware it may take up to 7 days for this refund to be reflected with your financial institution. We apologize for the inconvenience.


As of January 1, 2019, the City of Ferndale will begin the process of implementing a credit card service fee. This fee will shift the cost of using credit cards and debit cards to those customers who choose to use this method of payment rather than being absorbed by taxpayers, as it has been in the past. This is a practice used by many municipalities and businesses throughout the country.

When paying for summer or winter taxes by credit or debit card, the fee will be 2% of the total amount being charged–whether being paid off or making monthly payments.

There will be a $2.50 flat fee on all credit transactions for utility billing, parking permits, building permits, and other miscellaneous charges.

Fees will be charged regardless of if you pay in person or online.

Other payment methods can be used to avoid service fees. Electronic-checks (through your financial institution), regular checks, and cash will not be feed.


Lindsey Gunsorek

Communications Specialist