City Budget Presentation

March 30, 2021

2022-2024 BUDGET

City of Ferndale staff will present the draft Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) 2022-2024 Budget to City Council at their regular meeting on Monday, April 12. This presentation follows the Saturday, March 27 City Council Strategic Budget Workshop, during which Council and staff members discussed the organization's strategic priorities, critical success factors, and departmental needs/requests.

This year's budget process is the City's first to be presented in the program-based model. Program-based budgeting is a system in which budgetary information is organized around the City’s programs and services versus departments and line items. It shows the costs assessed and revenues generated for each program/service, allowing leaders—and the public—to evaluate their effectiveness. Organizing information in this way, rather than at the department or line-item level, provides a clearer picture of how much money is being spent on each program, as well as the services a program delivers. It also offers increased transparency—providing a fuller picture of performance, revenues, and costs (including indirect and capital costs) associated with each program.

"It's no small feat to shift your budget philosophy over the course of a year, especially one defined by 2020's dynamic circumstances, but we believe it's the best practice for our Council, staff, and community," said Ferndale City Manager Joseph Gacioch. "Priority-based budgeting allows the public to understand and engage with an essential process that has often been seen as too complex to be transparent, and we believe it will be considered industry best-practice in the years to come."

The Budget will be presented to Council on April 12 with final review and approval slated for Monday, April 26.


March 27, 2021 City Council Strategic Budget Workshop Presentation PDF

March 27, 2021 City Council Strategic Budget Workshop Recording


Kara Sokol

Communications Director