Building Explosion and Fire in Northeast Ferndale

October 2, 2017

UPDATE 4:35 p.m.

Fire Marshal Brian Batten reports that the fire on north Hilton Rd. is now out. Overhead power lines have been checked and found safe, so residents are free to use their yards again. Hilton Rd. is expected to reopen by 6:30 p.m.


Fire Marshal Brian Batten of the Ferndale Fire Department reports that an explosion and subsequent fire occurred this afternoon at a building located at 3281 Hilton Rd.

Fire and rescue officials from five local agencies are working now to extinguish the fire, which is mostly under control at this point. Hilton Rd. is completely closed between Woodward Heights and 10 Mile.

“It is essential that people avoid the immediate area to allow our professionals to get the situation under control safely and expediently,” said Fire Marshal Batten.

The location where the fire occurred is located amid a small strip of businesses. Crews are working now to enter the adjoining businesses and ensure the safety of the overall structure.

Residents living behind the fire should stay out of their back yards. “We stress that residents and nearby businesses are safe and there is no danger of the fire spreading,” Batten said. “But we worry about burning or collapse of overhead power lines in situations like this. Best for neighboring residents to stay indoors and out of harm’s way.”

Batten added that the fire is producing a lot of smoke. “If you’re near the area, we would recommend closing windows and doors.”

Fire and rescue personnel from Ferndale, Madison Heights, Hazel Park, Royal Oak, and Birmingham all responded to the incident.


Kara Sokol

Communications Director