An Update To Voter Polling Locations

January 9, 2020

To provide more space and an overall ease of the voting process, the City of Ferndale has adjusted polling locations. As of now, both Precinct 6 and Precinct 7 will now operate from the same location. For residents who are voters of Precinct 7, your site has been moved from the Detroit Curling Club to the Ferndale Free Methodist Church – also Precinct 6’s site. The two precincts will now share the same polling location; however, each precinct will remain separate in terms of polling.  

The address is listed below:  

Ferndale Free Methodist Church  

1950 Woodward Heights  

Ferndale, MI 48220  

This change will be in effect beginning with the upcoming Presidential Primary Election on March 10, 2020. To those who are voters of Precinct 7, new voter ID cards will be mailed to you before the end of January.

All polling locations are open on Election Day from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and are handicap accessible. For those who are transitioning locations, there will be plenty of signs to guide you on where to vote and park on the day of the election.

If you are unsure whether this affects you, you can visit the Michigan Voter Information Center to confirm your precinct and polling location. You can also refer to the list of polling locations here. If there are any questions or more information needed, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 248-546-2525 (option 5 on the auto attendant).


Reilly Coleman

Communications Assistant