8 Mile and Woodward RFP Submissions Needed

Project Overview

The intersection between Woodward Avenue and 8 Mile Road serves as the front door to the neighboring City of Ferndale and City of Detroit, and therefore, it is important to have a strong first impression of beauty and aesthetic order.

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is an opportunity for any interested respondent, paired with a licensed architect, to compete to install improvements to the 8 Mile and Woodward intersection. The objective of this project is beautification, and a method of invigorating the current area with ingenuity, creativity, collaboration, and resiliency to the City of Ferndale and City of Detroit.

Nevertheless, while this project focuses on the physical aspects of the intersection, it is part of a larger scope of effort that includes multiple agencies that support the interest of creating systemic solutions that support persons experiencing homelessness and other challenges. Responses to this RFP should address competency and willingness to approach the project with a human-centered mindset of health, safety, and welcoming while remaining free of stigmatization or hostility.



     ·   Resumes of key individuals that will be leading the project

     ·   Past project experience with descriptions of processes

     ·   A specific idea for the installation based on an initial budget of $100,000, along with a budget proposal of appropriate renderings

     ·   A description of how the community can be involved in the installation process


All submissions are due by Friday, October 23 at 5:00PM. Submit here.

Please note: The City of Ferndale is willing to be flexible regarding the date indicated above. If the project is of interest, but the timeline is too restrictive, we are willing to work with you. Please reach out and let us know you are interested and we can adjust the deadline if necessary.


The City of Ferndale shares the City of Detroit’s desire to improve conditions at this intersection for the benefit of all. The City of Ferndale will not allocate funds to this project unless a satisfactory project scope and RFP are issues for a complementary effort to engage and support the persons at this intersection facing chronic homeless and other challenges.


For more details about the project, please review the full RFP and visit the project page.

For questions, please email operations@eightmile.org or contact Ferndale Director of Community and Economic Development Jordan Twardy.


Reilly Coleman

Communications Assistant