2019 Sidewalk Assessment Report

June 12, 2019

The City of Ferndale has released the 2019 Sidewalk Assessment Report—a tentative listing of all properties being assessed this year for sidewalk repair and replacement.

This year's assessment is part of the City's annual Sidewalk Assessment Program, which inspects the community's sidewalks for structural soundness and safety. There are ten sidewalk districts in Ferndale, with one district inspected for replacement needs each year. Sidewalks are inspected in the fall of the preceding year. If your property requires sidewalk section work or replacement, you (or the homeowner if not you) will receive notice of the special assessment by letter.

To see if your property has received a 2019 assessment or to view your current assessment, check the 2019 Sidewalk Assessment Report (listing is organized by parcel number). For more information about the program, visit our Sidewalk Replacement Program page.

Please remember that this is a tentative assessment list. Residents will receive an estimate on work that will be completed by September 13 and final amounts will be sent to residents on September 16.


Lindsey Gunsorek

Communications Specialist