2017 Residential Road and Pavement Improvements

May 1, 2017

Summer is nearly upon us, which means the start of new road resurfacing and maintenance projects. This year, the City's Department of Public Works will continue their Pavement Improvement Program by overseeing the resurfacing of nineteen residential streets:

  • Albany (Livernois to Woodward) 
  • E Breckenridge (Woodward to Paxton)
  • W Marshall (Woodward to Hilton) 
  • Wordsworth (Woodward to Hilton)
  • Silman (Woodward to CN Railroad) 
  • McDowell (Shevlin to Ten Mile)
  • Burdette (Woodward Heights to Mapledale) 
  • Grayson (Woodward Heights to Mapledale)
  • Fielding (St Louis to Woodward) 
  • Edgewood (Fielding to Dead End)
  • Adams (Edgewood to Woodward) 
  • Camden (Hilton to Fair)
  • E Chesterfield (Wanda to West End) 
  • E Bennett (Wanda to West End)
  • Farmdale (W Eight Mile to Fielding) 
  • Flowerdale (W Eight Mile to Alberta)
  • Cambourne (Paxton to Burdette) 
  • Woodward Heights (Gainsboro to Horton)
  • E Nine Mile (Burdette to Hilton)

Florence Cement Company will be performing the work, which is set to begin in early May and be completed by summer's end. The contractor will not perform work during the following holiday periods:

  • May 27–May 29 (Memorial Day Weekend)
  • July 1–July 4 (Independence Day Weekend)
  • September 2–September 4 (Labor Day Weekend)

Work will include street resurfacing, removal/replacement of sections of concrete curb and gutter, and some sidewalks and driveway approaches that must be removed in order to replace curb and gutter. 

While traffic will be maintained as much as possible, there will be work days when access may berestricted and parking prohibited. This is to ensure that construction is completed safely and expediently. When this occurs, the contractor is required to post temporary "no parking" signs the day prior. Vehicles parked in temporary "no parking areas" may be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense.

The contractor will follow a similar process when access to a drive approach is restricted. Please note that if inclement weather arises after a sign is placed, construction will likely be delayed an equivalent amount of time.

During temporary no-parking times, residents without driveways or off-street parking access are asked to share driveways with neighbors, park in public areas (city parks, public lots, City facilities), or park on an adjacent street.  

We appreciate your patience during this process and will work with the contractor to minimize the impact to the residents as much as possible. If you have any questions, please contact the Department of Public Works at 248-546-2519. 


Kara Sokol

Communications Director