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This position provides future municipal leaders an opportunity to catapult their careers and learn from seasoned professionals in a community considered as innovative, forward thinking, and inclusive in the region. Come find out the roots of Ferndale's success in a position that is equal parts work and fun. The Management Assistant will have the opportunity to learn about the inner-workings of a full-service city, make a difference in day-to-day projects, and contribute to the organization at the executive leadership level.


• Assist in the management of the City’s Manager’s Office, which involves frequent direct correspondence between elected and appointed officials, City staff, residents, businesses, and guests of Ferndale.

• Participate in vital planning processes, including updates to the City’s Master Land Use Plan,Capital Improvement Plan, Budget Process, City Council Strategic Plan, and Ferndale Moves.Page 2 of 3

• Researching high-level issues or concerns as they arise.

• Perform entry level data analysis

• Report findings of research and analysis to the City Manager, Leadership Team, or City Council

• Assist in administering performance metric updates for City Critical Success Factors• Attend important Community events

• Plan and coordinate various meetings

• Attend skill and professional development conferences or events

• Other duties as assigned


:• Bachelor’s degree in urban planning, Political Science, Engineering, or equivalent, progress toward a masters in a similar field

• Knowledge of municipal government systems

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